12 Apostles Great Ocean Road


The 12 Apostles Great Ocean Road are the well-known highlights located in the Port Campbell National Park. This highlight in the Great Ocean Road has massive limestone structures. Witness the 12 Apostles rugged splendour rising from Victoria’s dramatic coastline from the Southern Ocean majestically:

Limestone cliffs

These started 10-20 million years ago and are created by constant limestone cliffs erosion. The caves are eroded by the stormy ocean and blasting winds making it softer. They change with sunrise and sunset. From Melbourne, the Great Ocean Road is a four-hour drive. You can find Discounted Tours From Melbourne Here

Great Otway National Park

The Great Otway National Park features sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, windswept heathland, and rock platforms. The park features ferny gullies, tall forests, tranquil lakes, and magnificent waterfalls.  This stretch is from Torquay to Princetown through Otways to Colac.

The Southern Ocean

The Great Ocean Road offers spectacular theatrics and views of the Southern Ocean. It hugs the western coastline and is a tribute to water and land rhythmic relationship. The drama on nature changes the landscapes, colors, and heights.

Port Campbell National Park

The Port Campbell National Park is a stretch from Princetown to Peterborough. These include London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge, and The Arch and the Grotto. Explore the trails and coastal lookouts.


Other Activities Along The Way


The Maits Rest Rainforest Walk

The Great Ocean Road offers plenty of hiking trails and is thick with lush rainforest. You can find spectacular scenery, ancient plant life, and native wildlife.

Bells Beach

This is one of the best surf beaches in Australia. It is a cliff-face and the views are spectacular from the cliff-top, a lovely spot to watch the water. There are quality surfing spots.


There are diverse terrain and coastal margin. Typically, the Great Ocean Road region has excellent waterfalls. They provide shade as forested settings that have walkable access sounds and sights of wildlife. You can watch echidna, koala, weird fungi, wallaby, native birds and wildflowers.

Lakes & Rivers

This region is opulent in rivers and lakes. These areas are good to pamper your passion if it is canoeing, fishing, or picnicking. This is a distinctive setting offering unique experiences.


Cross The 12 Apostles Of Your List


Loch Ard Gorge

This Gorge is just outside Melbourne in the Port Campbell National Park. The coast promises an eclectic mix of views, natural monuments, and wild scenery.

Volcanic Plains

The Great Ocean Road allows exploring volcanic lakes and craters. The lakes are formed within the craters, and there is spectacular viewing offering water sports and good fishing.


There are hundreds of ocean beaches and by to choose from and are magnificent throughout the year. They act as cool retreat and is good to enjoy at patrolled beaches.


This is the best-known place for the pristine natural environment, and you can encounter wildlife.  The environment has world-class sites for snorkeling, marine life diversity and you can enjoy the water at the beaches.

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