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When looking for Melbourne Day Tours you will find the best deals and discounts right here on a wide variety of trips and activities. Interestingly, you can schedule these trips and activities in and around the city at great low costs. What I like most is the inclusion of various events these deals. Among them is the Great Ocean Road Tour which is a favourite to most people.

Whether on vacation or a weekend gate away, there is something special about these tours. You can get discounted prices of up to seventy per cent. You should try the Great Ocean Road for an amazing experience. While in Melbourne, you can choose either a full day or overnight journey with discounts of up to twenty-eight per cent. If you need a nature wonderland, Phillip Island is the ideal place. Apart from seeing penguins in the wild with wallabies, you can also view koalas at the rate of forty per cent.

You can find amazing tours and activities while enjoying massive discounts of seventy per cent. Below is the list of some of the deals. You can book all these amazing Melbourne tours right here at up to 70% Off


Finding Deals for your Melbourne Day Tours

Suppose you want deals around and beyond the city, Melbourne deals are the best place. Here, you can get discounts of up to seventy per cent at retail price. Make sure you see the Phillip Island and ocean city to get massive savings on the guided safaris.


Seal Swim, Snorkel and Island

When you take Melbourne’s number one tour, it will guarantee you professional services for a perfect day. Snorkels with the seals will help you to explore the island and enjoy your day out. With pick up locations on every side of the bay, it guarantees you convenience. This is just the tour you need in your life. If you crave adventure, photography, history, or swimming with seals, this tour does it all. More Information


Melbourne River Cruises

Visiting Melbourne’s historic seaport will excite you with sails towards Williamstown. For example, if you depart from the Southbank Promenade, you can relax along the Yarra River. I can assure you will encounter attractions like the Crown casino, Polly Woodside, Exhibition Center, and the Westgate Bridge. After cruising on the comfortable vessels, you will be in an excellent position to view outside using the large windows before arriving at Port Phillip Bay.

Guests can choose to disembark at the Williamstown if they need to explore the area. Alternatively, they can return on a ferry. It welcomes you to stay on board while relaxing on their cool seats. You will notice the town is popular with its seaside attraction. Furthermore, it gives a powerful maritime feel. Its beaches and beautiful parks, delicious foods, and retail therapy are just exquisite. Who would not love to be in such a place? Find up to 70% off here


Melbourne star observation wheel

Its private cabin offers you a perfect choice for a romantic dinner. Besides, you can have special occasions, family meetings, or a unique experience. You and your guests can relish incredible unobstructed views of Victoria in the Southern Hemisphere. The LED lighting provides a fantastic spectacle at night. Your private cabin can serve twenty guests in a fully air-conditioned room. In the case of preferences, your guests can listen to music of their choice. The experience is just mind-blowing, right?


Thirty-minute Airbus A320

Gear up and experience new challenges in the virtual flight simulator. If you are in control, you can have an absolute blast. Yes, you can cruise towards the sky in the aircraft simulator. Whether you want to learn the ropes and pilots during your first ride, then there is a chance. If you want a new flying experience and add skills to your opportunity, do not shy away, they got you covered. The experienced instructors will guide you in getting a perfect flying experience.


huge savings on Melbourne Day Tours

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All-in-one city bike tour

Are you new to a well-organised city? This tour explains everything. You can cruise away during the day while learning all the facts about Melbourne. You can as well find hidden gems on the excellent bike tour. Freddy’s original is our favourite tour. You can ride your bike in 4.5 hours while sightseeing in Melbourne. The multiple gardens, hidden hipster locations, and sporting landmarks can serve as good sites. After finishing the tour, you do not need to give your bike away. If you wish to explore the city more, you can do it the following day at ten in the morning.


Premium day tour

If you desire to experience the famous Great Ocean Road, here is an exciting trip for you. These Melbourne Day Tours Depart from the CBD daily, you can view the incredible coastal adventure in your comfort. You can as well discover the world’s beauty while on the famous route. Meandering down the rivers, you will come across the Split point of Aireys inlet. Remember, you can visit the relaxed Apollo bay on the seaside.

Your premium tour involves entry to the ancient Eucalyptus Forest. If you need to get close to the iconic wildlife in Australia, you can use its Ecolodge. You will not want to miss the twelve apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, and the magnificent rock stacks. The friendly local guides will show you exciting places along the way. If you are a photo lover, worry not. They have plenty of opportunities to capture the beauty you will encounter.


The old Melbourne Ghost Tour

Embark on a frightening journey while exploring the old town. During the tour, you can explore the location where Federici performed dramatically. While on stage he crushed to death in the glare of his fans. Experts will guide you through the most dreaded spots.


Carlton Brewhouse

You can experience some fantastic beers such as Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught. On this fascinating expedition, you will be lucky to witness the largest brewery. It produces 150, 000 litres daily. You will also get the opportunity to learn about the 150 years of brewing beer. Additionally, you will see how the facility operates. You will definitely love the experience. You can as well sample various fresh beers.


Booking Your Tour 

To find awesome deals on all these great tours and activities plus so much more,  visit our homepage which has plenty of Melbourne Day Tours to keep you occupied whilst staying in Victoria

Seal Swim and Snorkel Up To 80% Off

Melbourne’s number 1 discounted tour, designed by dive professionals to guarantee an awesome day.  2 Snorkel locations including 1 with Seals, explore an island fortress and enjoy a fantastic day out!

River Cruise Up To 70% Off

Spend Time at Melbourne’s first sea port on an return sightseeing cruise to Williamstown. Cruise the Yarra river viewing the Crown Casino, West-Gate Bridge plus loads more

Star Observation Wheel Up To 69% Off

Up to 69% off your own private room on Melbournes Star Wheel. Enjoy amazing 360-degree views of Victoria to 120 meters high. max 20 people

Great Ocean Road Up To 40% Off

Experience the Great Ocean Road away from the crowds, in a  friendly and small-group tour. Travel inland via Colac and visit the 12 Apostles and remarkable rock formations of Loch Ard Gorge with a picnic sandwhich lunch stop on the way.

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