Yarra Valley Tour Experiences

Needing to get away from the city? Or a vacation from your job? Or find an unforgettable place to escape to for a honeymoon? Try a Yarra Valley Tour! No need to continue looking, there is the perfect spot for you! The Yarra Valley off of Melbourne, Australia is a dream location. A paradise on Earth! Whether it’s a romantic get-away or an adventurer that needs to explore the world! Yarra Valley has something for everyone. It’s an area that surrounds the Yarra River; 90 kilometers east.  The region consists of acres of open and green panoramic landscapes with cool temperatures, making the trip that much more comfortable and one-of-a-kind.


Yarra Valley Landscapes

The never-ending greenery and parks it offers, brings you one with nature. The fresh air allows you to clear you lungs, take deep meaningful breaths and escape your worries.  Vineyards dominate the region and gorgeous vines can be seen for miles in symmetrical lines.  With so many vines, it’s no wonder they have some of the best sparkling wines, Chardonnay, Shirazes and Pinot noir. The cool climates are ideal conditions to grow these grapes.


The Yarra Valley has an abundance of gardens, parks, playgrounds and fields which are the main components for the locations tranquillity and breath-taking views. If you decide to make the well-worth trek to Yarra Valley, booking one, two or four tours will give you the opportunity to see as much and the best as possible.  This way, no time is wasted getting lost or looking for that special spot.


The Yarra Valley Tours

When you’ve made the Yarra Valley the destination trip, be prepared to relax and try out some of the wineries through an itinerary.  Because of the ideal conditions to grow white grapes, white wines such as Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, are made here with excellence and one of the main reasons to visit. If you plan on wine tasting, make sure to get a guide so that everyone can join the fun. This way, a guide will ensure your safety and you’ll be able to sip some wines with whom you’ve come with.

Fine Food and Wine on a Yarra Valley Tour


Yarra Valley Tour – Wineries

Below is a list of some of Yarra Valley’s best wineries:

Maddens Rise

This winery sticks to the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” motto, with keeping its wine processing unchanged and traditional.  The spot is also seen as a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ because it can be easily missed without a keen eyerosé.

The best wine here is the sparkling rosé which is made from a combination of both chardonnay and pinot noir grapes. The place is not fancy by any means, but has the delicious wines to make the trip and wine tasting worth-while. Simplicity is best here. It’s been previously decorated with picked flowers and accompanied by a priceless view. With most wineries, it’s about snooty impressions and high-class reputations, here however, it’s about the wine, and the staff is known to be the most welcoming!


TarraWarra Estate

With rolling hills and vineyards surrounding this astonishing location, it’s understandable why most people choose here to wine taste.  The location is one-of-a-kind having a built-in art gallery.  The deep greens are that out of a movie or something you’ve imagined from reading a book.  Because this place is on a hill, you can just step outside and view the wonder without going too far. Nearby, is the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery, to satisfy the craving you’ll build after the wine tasting. If you’re not into sweets, you can visit the restaurant that is built inside the Estate to eat the most distinguished meals made with the freshest ingredients made by the experienced Chef Troy Spencer. If you plan ahead, you can take advantage of the great deals they offer online to make the most of your buck.



Rochford Wines

Calling all dog-lovers for this one! This location welcomes your pet dog to sit outside with you in the patio section overlooking yet another gorgeous view! The staff at times has also been known to allow your doggies inside too when possible.  Rochford Winery’s main focus is serving fresh produce from local farms, in the restaurant.  Winemaker Marc Lunt is creative with wine-making, testing bold flavours, making this trip an adventure for tasting out of your elements.


Yering Farm

Specializing in wine and ciders, here you can knock two birds with one stone. Wines here lean more towards fruity than anything else.  The main reason is they like to keep the history of the building. Once being a fruit farm, part of the building was turned into a winery.  Its colourful theme and décor give wine tasting a twist of light-hearted fun!


Domaine Chandon

One of the biggest wineries in the area prides itself on picturesque views of green waves of vines. There’s a bar you can visit after the wine tasting to sit, chat and relax in and they encourage you to explore the massive number of vineyards they own.


There is no shortage of wine tours you can take, the ones listed above are only a few, and there is an abundance of wonderful scenic tours one can take.  You can take private tours, group tours, company tours; there are accommodations for any type of tour you choose. Tour guides are more than happy to further explain their options and packages by visiting any of their sites.


Hot Air Balloon Tours of the Yarra Valley

When you get a chance to visit the Yarra Valley, you cannot miss out on going on a hot air balloon ride. To take-in everything that the Yarra Valley has, being up high, is the most magical! Great never-ending fields of vines, one can only truly experience from an aerial view.  The calm and soothing ride of the balloon over the sunrise encompasses all that is a wonder of the Yarra Valley.  What could make this experience even better?  A free buffet breakfast before you set off! Your offer does not end there! Visit Our Home Page to view everything this tour provides.



For those that prefer to see the Yarra Valley by ground, there’s a bus service for you! Operating since 1927 (decades of experience) you’re sure to be getting the best sights from here.  Modern vehicles ensure your safety and guaranteed fun! Book with a friend or with a team, either way, they’ll assure to find you the best option for you.


Now go an escape to the Yarra Valley!

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